BULLITT Mustang Fastback GT


       Ford Mustang GT Fastback for media features, similar to the Bullitt movie Mustang GT Fastback Steve McQueen drove 1968 S code 390

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The Bullitt car featured on this site is available for selected TV, movie or magazine features. For any enquiries, please send an email to  info@bullitt-mustang.co.uk







'Highly commended' (runner-up) at the Royal Automobile Club's annual classic car show at Woodcote Park, Epsom in June 2009

One of the biggest RAC events, with 126 amazing, rare and very expensive cars on display. The Bullitt Mustang was among those few cars that attracted huge attention and interest, and in the largest judging category (1950-1980 cars) was announced as runner-up and 'highly commended' for its condition, rareness, and delight to the guests in 'bringing Steve McQueen's Bullitt car, the most famous movie car ever'! It was great to watch enthusiasts arriving in Ferraris, Gull Wing Mercedes and old Lagonda's, parking up, getting out... and making their way straight over to the Bullitt to have a good look over it!







Car Displayed at the American Classic Car Show at Brooklands Motor Museum September 2009






Many similar Mustangs don't have all the necessary Bullitt movie car specifications. Many have the Ford and Mustang badges, chrome rails, original rectangle chrome mirrors, and usually no woodgrain dash, correct steering wheel nor the rear lights panel blacked. Others have been cosmetically cleaned underneath or in the engine bay to appear new, but have later engines, incorrect mechanics, welding, replacement floors and panels or numbers not matching. 


The car featured on this site has the original VIN door plate and engine fender top panel, with its numbers, spec and production verified by the Ford Marti report. It has spent its life in the 'dry state' of California so has no rust, original Ford floorpan (reddish oxide underseal), and has been maintained regardless. It was only imported to the UK in 2008 and had a long time lady owner in California. The movie cars were 390ci, ours has the 302ci V8 block with 5 speed manual.


Whilst only c40,000 Mustang Fastbacks were made in 1967/68, only 24,079 were GT's and there were only c1,500 of such a similar spec to the Bullitt cars. And lets remember this was over 40 years ago, there simply aren't many of these cars left, let alone outside of the States. Our car is probably one of only a handful of European cars with the Bullitt Movie car spec.