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       Bullitt Mustang GT Fastback Steve McQueen car for UK TV, movies, ads wanting to feature a Bullitt Mustang GT Fastback

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Almost everyone knows, remembers and has seen the 1968 Bullitt movie car chase, with Steve McQueen in his 1968 Highland Green V8 Mustang GT 390 Fastback chasing the black Dodge Charger. 


The Bullitt Mustang GT Fastback has been voted again and again;


               Number 1 screen chase of all time

               Number 1 movie car of all time

               Number 1 movie car chase of all time




This website features an identical Bullitt Mustang Fastback GT available for selected promotional, ad, TV and movie use or magazine features, identical to the one used by Steve McQueen in the movie. Just over 40 years ago the most memorable movie car and chase was filmed. The combination of Steve McQueen and a fantastic, rare Mustang GT 390 Fastback S code car, chasing a Dodge Charger through the streets of San Francisco, simply had those magic 'X' factor ingredients. It's the car that sticks in everyone's mind, and set the bar for generations of movie car chases.






The late 1960's were the final years of what we now describe as the American Muscle car production era. In 1970 regulations and manufacturers began to exercise more stringent guidelines on power, design and safety. Hot rods, over powered cars and street racers started to dwindle from the production lines.


No wonder that Warner Bros and the producers had no objection when Steve McQueen decided to insert a 'car chase' (that's all the script said) into the movie. They asked one of the sponsors Ford to provide a couple of their latest GT Fastback Mustangs! Only about 42,000 of these special cars were made for 18months in 1967-68 and only 16,000 of these were GT spec.


These beautiful, powerful, unique stallion (usually known as 'pony') cars are now hard to come by in the US, and in UK/Europe they're as rare as unicorns! There's probably only a few hundred in the world with the same livery and spec to those movie cars used in 1968. So these pages are dedicated to one such identical Bullitt Mustang car, alive and very much kicking in South East England. Enjoy!!


There have been hundreds of top car and movie reviews, by TV, magazines and shows. The Bullitt Mustang GT Fastback always features at the top, or very near it. Here's just a few recent reviews;

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